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Full "O'zneftgazquduqta'mirlash" aksiyadorlik jamiyati
Short: "O'zneftgazquduqta'mirlash" AJ
Name of stock exchange ticker: UNGK
Location: Бухарская область, г. Караулбазар, Чулкувар, 40
Postal address: Бухарская область, г. Караулбазар, Чулкувар, 40
E-mail address: uzngqt@umail.uz
Official Website: www.uzngqt.uz
Наименование обслуживающего банка: Караулбазар ПСБ
Current account: 20210000500304412001
MFI: 85
присвоенные регистрирующим органом: 59
присвоенные органом государственной налоговой службы (ИНН): 201057286
присвоенные органами государственной статистики
КФС: 144
ОКПО: 4698670
ОКОНХ: 62000
СОАТО: 1706232501
5Balance sheet
Наименование показателяКод стр.На начало отчетного периодаНа конец отчетного периода
I. Long-term assets
Non-Current Assets: 000
Initial (replacement) value (01,03)010421553935.00423529636.00
Depreciation amount (0200)011358941882.00361090956.00
Residual (book) value (lines 010-011)01262612053.0062438680.00
Intangible assets:000
Initial value (0400)020
Depreciation amount (0500)021
Residual value (carrying amount) (020-021)022
Long-term investments, total (lines: 040+050+060+070+080), including:030252342.00252342.00
Securities (0610)040252342.00252342.00
Investments in subsidiaries (0620)050
Investments in associated companies (0630)060
Investments in enterprises with foreign capital (0640)070
Other long-term investments (0690)080
Equipment for installation (0700)090
Capital investments (0800)100
Long-term receivables (0910, 0920, 0930, 0940)11045380.0045380.00
Out of which,over due receivables111
Long-term deferred expenses (0950, 0960, 0990)120
TOTAL ON SECTION I (012+022+030+090+100+110+120)13062909775.0062736402.00
Inventories, total (lines 150+160+170+180), including:14073049007.0076375326.00
Inventories in stock (1000,1100,1500,1600)15073049007.0076375326.00
Work in progress (2000, 2100, 2300, 2700)160
Finished products (2800)170
Goods (2900 less 2980)180
Future expenses (3100)190 194103.00
Deferred expenses (3200)200
Receivables, total (lines 220+240+250+260+270+280+290+300+310)210101682956.0073795275.00
out of which: receivables in arrears211
Receivables due from buyers and customers (4000 less 4900)22022461496.0022358801.00
Receivables due from subdivisions (4110)230
Receivables due from subsidiaries and associates (4120)24049343893.0023944349.00
Advances to employees (4200)250 44966.00
Advances to suppliers and contractors (4300)26010938370.008168056.00
Advances for taxes and levies on budget (4400)27023940.00239172.00
Advances to target funds and on insurance (4500)280 47841.00
Receivables due from founders to authorized capital (4600)290
Receivables due from personnel on other operations (4700)3001648882.001568775.00
Other account receivables (4800)31017266375.0017423315.00
Cash, total (lines 330+340+350+360), including:3209294.0028.00
Cash on hand (5000)330
Cash on settlement account (5100)3409294.0028.00
Cash in foreign currency (5200)350
Other cash and cash equivalents (5500, 5800, 5700)360
Short-term investments (5800)370183059.0079349.00
Other current assets (5900)38023006.0023006.00
TOTAL ON SECTION II (lines 140+190+200+210+320+370+380)390174947322.00150467087.00
Total on assets of balance (130+390)400237857097.00213203489.00
I. Sources of own funds
Authorized capital (8300)4102938950.002938950.00
Additional paid-in capital (8400)420
Reserve capital (8500)43061884939.0061327783.00
Treasury stock (8600)440
Retained earnings (uncovered loss) (8700)45025586433.0027144574.00
Special-purpose receipts (8800)460963844.00963844.00
Reserves for future expenses and payments (8900)470
TOTAL ON SECTION I (lines 410+420+430+440+450+460+470)48091374166.0092375151.00
Long-term liabilities, total (lines 500+520+530+540+550+560+570+580+590)490
including: long-termaccounts payable (lines 500+520+540+580+590)491
Out of which: Long term accounts payable492
Long-term accounts due to suppliers and contractors (7000)500
Long-term accounts due to subdivisions (7110)510
Long term accounts due to subsidiaries and associates (7120)520
Long-term deferred income (7210, 7220, 7230)530
Long-term deferred tax liabilities and other mandatory payments (7240)540
Other long-term deferred liabilities (7250, 7290)550
Advances from buyers and customers (7300)560
Long-term bank loans (7810)570
Long-term borrowings (7820, 7830, 7840)580
Other long-term accounts payable (7900)590
Current liabilities, total (lines 610+630+640+650+660+670+680+690+700+710+720+ +730+740+750+760)600146482931.00120828338.00
including: current accounts payable (lines 610+630+650+670+6 80+6 90+700+710+720+760)601140797177.00117419641.00
Out of which: accounts payable – in arrears602
Due from suppliers and contractors (6000)61016942536.0018097664.00
Due to subdivisions (6110)620
Due to subsidiaries and associates (6120)630112855846.0092568545.00
Deferred income (6210, 6220, 6230)640
Deferred liabilities for taxes and mandatory payments (6240)650
Other deferred liabilities (6250, 6290)660
Advances received (6300)670
Due to budget (6400)6802906184.00761415.00
Due to insurance (6510)690987881.00757470.00
Due to state target funds (6520)700
Due to founders (6600)71044294.0042464.00
Salaries payable (6700)7206794689.004937748.00
Short-term bank loans (6810)730
Short-term borrowings (6820, 6830, 6840)7405685754.003408697.00
Current portion of long-term liabilities (6950)750
Other accounts payable (6900 except 6950)760265747.00254335.00
Total on section II (lines 490+600)770146482931.00120828338.00
Total on liabilities of balance sheet (lines 480+770)780237857097.00213203489.00
6Report on financial results
Наименование показателяКод стр.За соответствующий период прошлого годаЗа отчетный период
доходы (прибыль)расходы (убытки)доходы (прибыль)расходы (убытки)
Net revenue from sales of products (goods, works and services)01042402002.00 48295428.00
Cost of goods sold (goods, works and services)020 37249531.00 38874915.00
Gross profit (loss) from sales of production (goods, works and services) (lines 010-020)0305152471.00 9420513.00
Period expenditures, total (lines 050+060+070+080), including:040 6659523.00 8486162.00
Costs to Sell050
Administrative expenses060 1738723.00 2588172.00
Other operating expenses070 4920800.00 5897990.00
Expenses of the reporting period excluded from the tax base in the future080
Other income from operating activities0901474629.00 1056070.00
Income (loss) from main activity (lines 0З0-040+090)100 32423.001990421.00
Earnings from financial activities, total (lines 120+130+140+150+160), including:110
Dividend income120
Interest income130
Income from long-term lease140
Income from foreign exchange rate differences150
Other income from financing activities160
Expenses from financial operations (lines 180+190+200+210), including:170
Expenses in the form of interest180
Expenses in the form of interest on long-term lease190
Loss from foreign exchange rate differences200
Other expenses from financial operations210
Income (loss) from general operations (lines 100+110-170)220 32423.001990421.00
Extraordinary profits and losses230
Profit (loss) before income tax (lines 220+/-230)240 32423.001990421.00
Income tax250 39066.00 437589.00
Other taxes and fees on profits260
Net profit (loss) of the reporting period (lines 240-250-260)270 71489.001552832.00
7Responsible persons
Full name of the Executive body’s Head:Кудратов Р Р
Full name of the chief accountant:Жумаев Б б
Full name of authorized person, who published information on the website:Нарзиев З Ю

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